The State Senator Who Led the Successful Fight to Stop the Mileage Tax and Tolls

Meriden - Cheshire - Middletown - Middlefield - Rockfall

During 2016 Len Suzio pledged he would not vote for any tax increase. Not only did he keep his no-tax-increase pledge, he spearheaded the successful efforts to stop the infamous “mileage tax” (that would tax you for every mile you drive) and the installation of tolls in Connecticut.

Since 2011 Len Suzio also has led the effort to eliminate Connecticut’s notorious “Early Release Program” that has let loose thousands of violent criminals from Connecticut prisons long before they served their complete sentence. Thousands of violent crimes have been committed by these hardened criminals after they were released prematurely from prison. According to data obtained by Len from the Department of Correction a rape or murder is committed every 8 days by an Early Release Convict who was “reformed” by participating in the Early Release Program.

Taking on the Utilities for Connecticut families.